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April 25, 2013


This may be one of the more obscene aspects of the Bush years, that the press--and a bunch of Presidents who really ought to know better--are knowingly and busily sweeping all the dirt and death and anguish this man created in eight years under that stupid fucking Oval Office rug of his, just in the name of comity and clubbiness.

Shame on `em all.

Yeah, and Obombya, all excited to sign the Keystone XL poopline into existance, perpetuator in chief of ever more wars, no prosecutions of anyone on Wall Street in the TBTF banks, not only keeping Gitmo going but also signing drone death on anyone anywhere into effect, and with his train-wreck health care fiasco doing wonders for the economy - isn't any better. i'm so sorry i campaigned for this schlub and voted for him (the first time, but then saw what he became). We're so doomed.

Excellent, Thanks. And, what montag and Tom said.

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