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May 17, 2013


Pete Santilli needs to be held for psychiatric observation. Mentally healthy people don't even think of shit like that, let alone think it's cool.

Not so long ago, someone like Santilli would have been relegated to the far fringes of the shortwave band, with an audience of about two dozen, worldwide. Still, it's pretty damned funny that a guy with a snuff porn fetish and whose favorite guests are Ted Nugent and Larry Pratt has a radio show "dedicated to the peaceful overthrow of everything that's destroying America."

For someone purportedly dedicated to nonviolence, he's got a mighty violent mouth on him.

Why is it that under the Bush Administration, someone like Santinelli would have received a "harsh interrogation" and an indefinite stay in a federal detention facility for several months/years for even thinking about doing something to a favorite Bushie.

But now that there is this blah guy in the White House, nevermind. Even if the threats are with actual guns and the guys have tickets to events that the blah guy is actually at and so on.

I have been holding my breath fearing for Obama's safety since the day he was elected. Still am for that matter.

Sarah who? The hairdo is familiar, but I can't recall the name....
/John McCain

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