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May 10, 2013


Of the three noted above, the first is the most dangerous, the other two are more of the same idiocy we've seen for years. I have actually been witness to regular people spouting such bullshit as, "Now because the gubmint says this on a study sheet, that reduces my entire cultural background and environment in reality to something else entirely because I think so."

Yeah. Idiot. That's why the census bureau changed us all forever into random statistics and I never referred to my children by their names but as "offspring 1,2 and 3" and demanded they recite their demographic details prior to dinner every night. Just so I could keep them apart, "I'm a female, aged 6..."


But the Jason thing. I had just happened to read about this POS about a month ago in reference to a blog of which the writer took the time to zero in on some of the particularly loathsome creatures on the pundit circuit these days. Apparently this Jason critter has received regular billing on CSPAN, McNeil-Lehrer (oops, showing my age, what is it called now?), CNN and other news spots because he's an "expert" on something about people completely unlike himself who have an entirely different life experience than himself, supported by an institution that is supported by capitalist corporations that make a boatload of money by isolating and exploiting people for profit by using made up shit and calling it "science" to keep the rabble from figuring this bullshit game out.


Up here in NH we have a particularly insidious breed of wingnut -- the "Free Stater" who uses the tripe of assholes like him to justify their world of self-serving white male privilege and their never ending squealing about how everyone's taking away their freedumbs.. in other words, them womens and dark peoples are demanding to be treated like people. They also shamelessly make it clear that they intend to use guns to keep everyone not invited by them out of "their" tent. Jason helps them justify their motives.

People who invoke their phony gods to make a point are weak. Intellectually weak. Underfunded upstairs, so to speak.

Guess who?

"As a presidential speech writer for the first Bush White House, I am always very interested in what presidents say in their formal speeches."

That's right. Janet Shaw Crouse.

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