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May 17, 2013


Remember 2005? When developing a story around forged documents in order to bring down a sitting president was grounds for the end of a storied journalist's career? I can't wait for Dan Rather's take on ABC's trangression here. Why is Jonathan Karl still employed, anyway?

It is with utter amazement that one must conclude that Saxby Chambliss has been rendered as appearing sane when compared to the people seeking to replace him. Of course, Chambliss is as off-kilter as he ever was, but, this bunch doesn't just lower the bar, they bury it.

You'd think that Georgia would be embarrassed to have inflicted the likes of Newticles on us, let alone Chambliss, and would be forever sensitive to charges that they'd let the inmates run the asylum, but, no. They seemingly want to put the craziest people they can find in the House and the Senate.

When does Georgia change its state motto to: "We're stupid, we're nuts, and we're proud of it."

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