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May 08, 2013


Waynus LaPierre: "If we armed at the seven-year-olds...."

I wonder if I could stroll into NRA national hq, packing?

And, a three-year-old in Florida killed himself with a pistol he found in his uncle's backpack (the uncle had a concealed carry permit).

Greg Palast is right--we live in an armed madhouse.

The way to stop a bad 5-year-old with a gun is with a good 5-year-old with a gun.

what happened to THROWING things at siblings????

of course, how bad was that fart?

The parents of these children should have their breeding license revoked. We already have an unmanageable surplus of really stupid and ignorant people who are parents and should not be.

Watch the Documentary called "Idiocracy" for answers.

Despite the Bible, Koran, Torah and other "holy" books, and Darwin's theory of evolution - the human race is a failed experiment.

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