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June 21, 2013


Hmm. Is Coach Dave saying that he's going to need some company in the slammer?

As was said elsewhere, all Paula Deen's unemployment means is that Faux Nooz will soon have a cooking segment.

Cue the excusers: She didn't mean any harm! She was raised that way! PC is ruining this country! First Amendment!

Guess what, you asholes; it's racism. She's a fucking grown woman who runs an international food industry. She ought to have changed her internal mechanisms to rethink her learned racism and started acting like a decent human being by now.

It wasn't a few mentions of the " N- word", it was her employees having to tolerate repeated slurs, insults, and denigrating behavior from their superiors. Paula Dean may be a Southern Belle, but she's a racist. Good riddance.

Donnah - word.



Paula has always reminded me of Miss Piggy.

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