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June 21, 2013


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Hmm. Is Coach Dave saying that he's going to need some company in the slammer?

As was said elsewhere, all Paula Deen's unemployment means is that Faux Nooz will soon have a cooking segment.

Cue the excusers: She didn't mean any harm! She was raised that way! PC is ruining this country! First Amendment!

Guess what, you asholes; it's racism. She's a fucking grown woman who runs an international food industry. She ought to have changed her internal mechanisms to rethink her learned racism and started acting like a decent human being by now.

It wasn't a few mentions of the " N- word", it was her employees having to tolerate repeated slurs, insults, and denigrating behavior from their superiors. Paula Dean may be a Southern Belle, but she's a racist. Good riddance.

Donnah - word.



Paula has always reminded me of Miss Piggy.

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