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June 05, 2013


It is the parents of the victims who do not want the photos of their mutilated children released. They don't want their dead babies to become fodder for political posturing. The legislature is following their expressed wishes.

If pictures of mutilated children is what it takes to get action, Iraq has some they're willing to share.

When you consider the state of the media and the internet today, with everyone more interested in making a point than ever considering anyone's feelings or the repercussions of their actions, it is appropriate to keep such photos and information sealed from the general public. The uses to which they would be put are too disgusting to contemplate. However, the families of victims should have free access to display these horrible photos any way they wish. If it were my child, alongside the beautiful family photos, I would want to blow up those gruesome photos to the size of a poster and parade them in front of every court, camera, legislature and special investigation. Look closely at what guns did to my child and tell me again how gun owners rights are more important than my mutilated child.

Oldswede - there are a few parents who wanted the pictures released, and were blocked. But the larger point is the same lesson from the Viet Nam War: as soon as the bodies coming home were on the nightly news, the pressure was on to stop the war.

As always, our condolances go to the families all over America that are putting their lives back together following gun violence. There are more each and every day.



There is also at least one Newton parent who supports the NRA's statements.
The legislature choose to go with the majority of the parents and the general population. This is called democracy.
There is no 'right to know' in circumstances like this.

I've got to hand it to him--O'Really can find more ways of yelling, "get off my lawn" than almost any human being alive.

But, as the photo attests, no amount of makeup or plastic surgery can halt that terminal slide into chicken-necked old-fuddy-duddyhood, and O'Really's very nearly there. Couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow.

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