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June 14, 2013


I'm sorry to disappoint Perry, but I am under absolutely no fuckin' obligation whatsoever to pay any attention to John Hagee, Rick Perry, Rick Warren, Franklin Graham, the Ayatollah Khameini, Rabbi Noson Leiter, Pope Frankie Five-Fingers, or any other religious crackpot, and, gawd damn, we've got a lot of `em. In fact, being free from religion might be the only way to maintain one's sanity in a world overflowing with religious crackpottery.

But, then, that's not something Rick Perry will ever figure out (just one of a great many things by which he's totally fuckin' confused--enjoy your well-coiffed, empty-headed governor, Texas).

Rick Perry says that there is no guaranteed right to freedom from religion.

OK, then the clerk at the DMV can require you to recite a Muslim prayer before you can receive your driver's license.

The solipsistic relig-tards who utter tripe like this would scream like wounded banshees if they were ever subject to a religion that isn't theirs.

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