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June 26, 2013


Hey, it was all good fun until she got treated to CONSEQUENCES, right? Course back in the good ole' days...that was for "them darkies" to deal with....I have not one lick of sympathy for Paula and her erstwhile "No, she never did that" supporters? You all were not paying attention.

Wal Mart bailed too

Yes, all that butter has given her a deadly case of foot in mouth disease.

Sugar Mama will be fine. Her new book scheduled for release this fall is already selling like hotcakes (harhar), apparently to her most loyal, also-racist fans.

Maybe Fox News should have a cooking show.

Fucked by a butter stick? Reminds me of a scene in Last Tango in Paris.

Why doesn't she have sense enough to STFU?

Her tears seemed pretty phony to me and her "apology"? She danced all around racial equality. She mentioned sexual orientation and religions, but she skirted race, in my opinion. In the words of Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, I'm calling this one "Boooooogus."

perfect for the supremes killing the voting act.

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