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July 18, 2013


that was an AWESOME bitchslap to the retard from texass.

Wasn't that a thing of beauty?

I live in Texas. And I approve of Mr. Black's statements.

Um, wasn't the town of West, Texas obliterated recently thanks to all those deregulations for small businesses? And if I remember correctly, because I am an American with a 15 minute memory span*, didn't something else blow up in another part of that state shortly thereafter, gosh, I just can't remember...

* or is Rick Perry Syndrome contagious?

That just warms the heart of my cockles, that does....

Y'know, Texas has had almost two decades of greedy idiot governors, and it's really starting to show. I'm just hoping that the Ponzi-scheme accounting that Perry's been running for the rich for nearly fourteen years blows up in his face before he leaves office. Even Texas--the state that kept this dizzy fuckin' reactionary in office for that long--deserves that much.

As for Lewis Black, wasn't hard to see that he really enjoyed doing this one. Good job.

Lewis Black for Preznit!

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