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July 25, 2013


Glenn Beck is truly the Pied Piper for the mentally infirm in this country, isn't he? Sure, Rush attracts the sit-on-their-ass-and-guffaw-at-liberals crowd, but Beck, he's got the magic flute playing 24/7. He's telling them to get going, get the battery chargers on the Hoverounds and be ready!

And he's still making money off of Vicks VapoRub and megalomania.

What few of his fawning defectives remember is that this is exactly the same pitch Ronald Reagan used in 1964 in his ill-fated attempt to build support for killing Medicare, that same Medicare that's now paying for so many of those mobility scooters that Beck's fans rely upon. Beck didn't come up with this one on his own--he inherited it.

There are no new ideas from conservatives because they don't need any--they keep recycling the old ones, again and again and again.

Starting his day with a cytoplasm smoothie made by dumping contents of his skull into a blender is the most plausible explanation that I can give for Beck's view of reality.

every sperm is sacred is next

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