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July 01, 2013


I've known several forest fire fighters over the years and everyone of those men and women were the some of the best people I have ever known.

Kasich is an asshole businesman who has tried to privatize everything he can get his greedy mitts on, funneling the schools, gambling, and prisons to his business cronies, who promptly run them into the ground. He's also making sure the rules about corporate transparency for his business buddies stays nailed shut, so they can all make tons of money and not pay taxes or follow any regulations.

As a native Ohioan, I'm perpetually furious that he was elected, but the Republicans have Gerryanded the fuck out of the state.

Well, if it's a contest between Snowden and Bush (and his alter ego, Go-Cheney-Yourself) over who damaged the country more, Bush wins, hands down. I'm pretty sure that Snowden hasn't wrecked the economy, tried to destroy Social Security, shoveled money at the banks who caused the meltdown, appointed a bunch of people who were rejects from the fucking Gong Show, let a major American city drown, lied us into wars, ordered state-sponsored kidnapping, run secret prisons, authorized torture, put thousands of people into indefinite detention, secretly protected the Saudis who financed 9/11 and signed off on the general and widespread spying on Americans that Snowden exposed.

Nope, no contest at all.

Forget the rectal ultrasounds...

Democrats should introduce a law to DNA test every fetus of every woman seeking an abortion. Then match the DNA to the father/sperm donor and force that man,
to PAY for everything beyond that point:
the pregnancy, the doctors, the hospital, clothes, food, schooling, dentists, insurance, any legal fees - everything until that baby reaches the age of 18.

...OR the abortion.

If and when it affects their bank account, the Republican men will change their minds about all this forced-pregnancy business.

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