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July 12, 2013


When they outlaw tampons, only women will be outlaws !!! How about Massingell products ? They are douches are they not ? .... Only in Texas can you carry a gun into the legislation and not be frisked.( Have a carry permit and you go around the metal detectors) Yet, they will frisk you for a wad of cotton. ..... I love this country.

May the flow of a thousand perimenopausal women drown them ...

"...Fearing that such intimate items could become missiles flung at the heads of policymakers..."

These are Texas Republicans. The head is not a vital area.

One can only imagine the damage a thrown tampon would inflict on a Texas legislator.

WI is on the way to outdoing texass. the theocratic rule of publikkklans are gonna make the pendulum away from reagan quicker from the landslide of bullshit.

Tampons and sanitary napkins as deadly weapons. What a concept! I wonder if ol' [Ko]"Tex" Sensenbrenner has weighed in on this?

This could ruin his family's business.

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