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August 12, 2013


so stopping + cavity searches are............

So two Bloomberg-supported policies have been ruled unconstitutional within a month? We need a three-strikes rule for elected officials.

Meanwhile, in other NYC news, have you heard the TeeVee ads with Dante De Blasio? Forget about his father for a minute, D00d has a future in voice-over-work and/or politics.

Now that Little Bloomie is on the way out, he might try something new, for him--just shutting the fuck up.

He and his favorite police chief have behaved like autocratic petty tyrants in this regard and, finally, a judge said so, and in no uncertain terms. It's way past time for that to happen. Just because he's gotten away with it for years doesn't make it right, and he'd be better off admitting that, rather than whining about it.

Fitzgerald was right--the rich are different than the rest of us. A much higher proportion of them are assholes.

Maybe li'l Mikie would feel differently iffin' HE was stopped, frisked, and harassed every time he walked out on sidewalk?

I listened to his press conference today. He said that the reason that a disproportionate number of blacks/latinos were stopped and frisked was because they happen to live in neighborhoods where the most crimes occur and most crimes are committed by young blacks/latinos. People got stopped and frisked because they matched the descriptions of suspects. Of course they do. They're black people living in a black neighborhood. What the fuck do they expect?

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