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September 20, 2013


"let’s break God’s law with impudence…" Does Coach Dave mean "impunity" perhaps?
Just sayin', is all.

So God is nothing but a lackey for these idiots' desires and perversions, I'll be damned. I really gave up believing in all that God stuff, but now I see the light.

God is all about me. God is a Randian, selfishness wins out, but then wait...that would mean God wouldn't care about me at all.

Hold on there, I gotta think this through. I'm calling pastor Bob tomorrow, maybe he'll ask God for me.

Hi there, every time i used to check webpage posts here early in the morning, because i love to gain knowledge of more and more.

Obviously god wanted all these people to die horrible gunshot deaths. Because god is the cause of everything. It was clearly god's will that has caused and managed all the shootings since the beginning of time. Because if this isn't the case, then you have to admit your phony god is pointless nonsense and plainly is a fig newton of your ignorant and highly programed imaginations. And somehow I don't think you're that enlightened.

i think these publiklans doth protest too much.

So this guy goes out and prays on the sidewalk for all to see, even though Jeebus himself said we should pray in private. Okay, then.

Ah, well, a thousand years from now, the fruitcakes on the religious right will still be with us.

There will be, however, a lot fewer of them, we will be a lot less inclined to give them air time, and they will be a lot easier to laugh at.

In the meantime, better start laughing. that's how trends begin.

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