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September 13, 2013


fiscally 'conservative'. mute during GWB + the free spending GOP congress.

If you watch the Glen Beck BS then Fish ....it all makes sense

Hey, Rev. Fishsticks! Yahweh did what he wanted in creating the true of the knowledge of good and evil, and man did what he wanted by eating its fruit.

The passage you read says Yahweh can do what he wants with the weather? OK. But where does it say that man can't do what he wants with the weather?

I'd say that the Koch boys and their allies are toasting to their success: years of buying time in propagandizing the public on libertarian "values" has managed to get the salient points forward on their issues.

That most people are confused and have only a simpleton's knowledge of what libertarianism is (hey, it means LIBERTY right?) is only the icing on the cake.

As long as the rabble is focused on the Grover Norquist plan of committing murder in the bathtub of civic government and accountability to the people, the money will roll in and profits will soar.

How we'll do is another story, but hey there's over three-quarters of the world living in impoverished oppression and lovin' it amirite?

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