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October 08, 2013


stupidity and ignorance, alas, are not finite resources.

Well, it appears we're good to go, since they also claim that global warming is a myth.

Another example of iodine deficiency.

Barton is riffing on a study that did show that there was a minor elevation of ground-level temperatures near wind turbines. The physics is pretty simple--air passing the blades and towers will be slowed down by transfer of energy to the blades and some heat generated because of friction. However, as with all things Barton, he's trying to say that eventually there will be no wind--not because he understands the science behind it, but because he's a shill for the oil and gas industry right down to his toenails. This same study prompted a number of nutballs--including Barton, IIRC--to say that wind power contributed to global warming--even though a simple understanding of the conservation of energy would show the absurdity of the claim.

Joe, however, is too fucking dumb to realize that normal people understand that it's solar energy that's driving the winds, and as long as there's a sun and an atmosphere and differential heating and cooling between land and ocean, there's going to be plenty of wind.

Joe Barton--Exxon Mobil's favorite moron.

As long as Joe Barton keeps talking, we'll have plenty of hot air blowing hard.

does the GOP have high school diplomas? does texass have science classes?

does texass have science classes?

Why, yes, they do. They use the books with a picture of Jesus riding a dinosaur on the cover.

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