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January 14, 2014


Since I have no intention of buying his book, I guess I'll never know if he's writing it to extol the virtues of the conservative hardhats in order to use them politically as Nixon did (hint, Frothy: Nixon already got `em for ya, and they ain't no more to be got), or, if he's making a play for that demographic by saying that he's a blue-collar guy.

Truthfully, I'm not sure which tack would be funnier. I'd guess the latter, since he's a multi-millionaire who got all his hard-hat neighbors to pay for his kid's out-of-town private schooling, and whose first job out of law school was as a lobbyist (well, it was lobbying for the World Wrestling Federation, so, maybe that buys him a tiny bit of blue-collar cred, by four or five degrees of separation).

But, can we all say that we wish Li'l Ricky Sanctimonium just as much--but no more--success with his ghost-written tome as he's had with his movie company? Of course we can!

Montag -

I will add to his blue collar cred and remind everyone he has two advanced degrees from an Ivy League (Penn, I'm told, counts).



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