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March 19, 2014


the 2% needs there taxes jacked up to eisenhower rates.

paul ryan needs to be defeated. came close last time.

Ah, Looney Louie, here's the rub--our grifting former VP candidate from the not-so-frozen-anymore North never could see Russia from her porch. Even if she could, what exactly does that say about the current situation in the Ukraine? Absolutely nothing. M'self, I think Looney Louie is flattering Mooselini, just hoping beyond hope to get laid. Good luck with that, Looney.

Speaking of flattery, Langone wants adulation, and like most of Murrica's coddled billionaires, throws a hissy fit when he doesn't get it. That's the height of self-deceit. There are many more people in this country that would enjoy seeing his head on a plate than want to kiss his Armani-ensconced ass.

The poll on that would be dispositive, I think.

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