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April 07, 2014


jesus would wonder what bible that old bitch is reading.

If Diaper Dave's antics count as "lust," I'd say that Louisiana has now pulled into the lead.

Old B-1 Bob, I'd forgotten about him. One happy side effect of the implosion of aerospace in Southern California in the early 90s, combined with the LA riots, was an exodus of right-wing nutjobs to other states. But still too many.

What's with GOP sex scandals nowadays? Kissing a(n opposite sex) staffer? Hiking the Appalachian Trail? It wasn't that long ago that a GOP sex scandal would involve cruising for sex in airport bathrooms or grown men in diapers. Have GOoPer men grown wimpy and bland? I guess you can blame Hollywood secular liberals and the gay agenda for neutering GOP masculinity, amirite?

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