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April 09, 2014


Evolution never made me cry, but genetics was a difficult course for me: somehow in spite of being a math/stats person as well as a bio person, genetics never came easy for me. Does that mean one of my parents should run for Congress?

Quast is gonna fit right in to the current Congress, isn't he? I'm betting Looney Louie starts a PAC for him.

So, is everyone OK?

Hoping y'all are just taking a short breather? I miss your posts!!

"No, I swear, officer, the door was unlocked..."

What davedave and Reybee said.

Me too!

So then apparently Sarah Palin is relevant because the media watches her, even though the writer admits she's a clown-show and people like watching train wrecks. But the media is liberal, so then she's relevant because liberals like her and in some congressional districts her endorsement might get you elected.

To dog catcher I presume.

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