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May 16, 2014


Ellen Cohen was great!

"That's what I'm saying, but that's not what I'm talking about." ROFL!

it's so hard to be a hater these days.

Well, there are good lepers and bad lepers. You can't just lump them all together.

(credit or blame: Nichols and May)

WRT the Kentucky defense, I would guess that the state's lawyers are simply using the same justifications as the state's wingnut legislators made for the law's passage in the first place. Of course they were absurd, desperate, irrational and preposterous. Look who passed the friggin' thing.

As for The American Spring, looked more like early winter when it came to attendance (estimates by sane people put it at about 300 loonies, loonies are still saying ten million). Ten million gun nuts in Washington, D.C.? Jaysus, had that happened, there wouldn't have been a passable street in the entire district. No wonder these bozos want big magazines. After two,they lose count of how many shots they've fired.

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