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June 17, 2014


WT, thanx for enlightening me. I have been so worried and had no idea how to find out what had happened. You take your time, sweet one, and you will be welcomed back with virtual hugs and kisses

I'm just glad to know that you are alright. Enjoy the kittencams (don't we all?) and come back to the world of political newsnark when you are able.

I was worried also - glad you are okay and just too tired! Regards!

I'm really glad you didn't do a "Bartcop" on us. Take your time, I'll be here anyway.

Sorry to hear life is so hectic. We have been missing you and look forward to your return. Thanks for the kitten cam tip.

employment is important

Rience Priebus = Pierre Cee Buns

Very gals that you're doing well! Misse you but totally understand. Employment is a good thing. And kittens too.

I changed jobs a while back and have been in charge of a pretty massive project that takes up most of my day, leaving me little time to post.

Swooping into Libya to arrest a certain Benghazi-related miscreant?

Getting the US National Men's Soccer team in just the right mindset to win the World Cup?

Working on Eric Cantor's primary campaign?

Baker for Maureen Dowd's research visit to Colorado?

Something else?

(It would be irresponsible not to speculate, you know . . .)

Your wit and snark are always appreciated -- and when you have time to share them with us, all the better.

Take care, have fun, never postpone happiness.

Glad to hear that it's only the busyness of life and nothing catastrophic. Will continue to check in regularly.

So glad you are OK. You've been missed!

You mention kittencams without a link?

Your prolonged absence was making us all uneasy (not even any photos from Down Under!), but now we can peacefully await your return. Glad to hear all is well.

My mind knows that 'no news is good news', but, you know…. Thanks for the check in and take care. 8-)

I was worried about you, so glad it's just the new job keeping you from us.

Just saying hello...miss your stuff.

ditto of what everyone else says

Thanks--hope work eases up soon ( for me, too).

yay! a watertiger sighting...

thx for the update, and take care of yourself.

I meant:

Reince Priebus = Bruce Ire Penis
= Currie Be Penis

Um - what everyone else said - me too.

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